Arachidi-tostate egitto

In shell Peanuts

From Egypt & Toasted


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Really appreciated for the high-quality standard. Peanuts have a really sweet taste, which keeps unalterated for months after the toasting process.
Country of Origin: Egypt, Awaynat. This area has a drained and sandy or sandy-clayey terrain, with a positive level of rainfalls (or irrigation) during the main stages of the vegetative cycle.
Harvest season: late August.


Peanuts grow underground and they belong to the enormous family of pulses.

Beneficial properties:

Peanuts help lower the risk of cancer and Alzheimer. According to some reaserches carried out in Taiwan, the use of peanuts at least twice a week contributes to a substantial lowering of the risk of colon cancer up to 31%. A recent article appeared in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, explains how niacin, a substance contained in these fruits, constitutes a efficient help as concerns the prevention of Alzheimer.


Nutrition facts:

Nutritional values per 100g
(Values per 100g of edible product)

Valore energetico in KJ/ Energy 2502
Valore energetico Kcal/ Energy 598
Grassi/ Fat g. 50
di cui acidi grassi saturi/ of which saturates g. 3,6
Carboidrati/ Carbohydrates g. 8,5
di cui zuccheri/ of which sugars g. 3,1
Fibre/Fibers g. 10,9
Proteine/ Protein g. 29
Sale/ Salt g. 0,01