Natural & Shelled


Here they are, ready for each and every situation. Ideal as a snack, ideal for cooking: dried fruits can really amaze you. Try them in your salad, in your pasta, in whatever recipe to attain the perfect balance between taste and health. Our dried fruits are shelled, still they are intact: they are amazing to gaze at and delicious to eat.

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Natural & In Shell


If you prefer dried fruits as you can find them in nature, come on over! Natural shelled dried fruits are entire fruits, without any conservative or additive. Good as close as just harvested, and even beautiful to wonder at. Eat them for your aperitif, or keep them in the fruit basket: keep them at hand as an excellent supply of energy and taste them at any time.

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Friends are coming for an aperitif and you need something easy to snack to get the party started? Here we are. You only need a bowl of peanuts, pistachios and cashews, what else? The product line Happy Snack provides for many delights to snack, both alone and with your friends, packaged in beatuiful and colorful packages.

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A highly-energetic mix of dried fruits perfect both as a snack and for breakfast. Keep it at hand for a break at work. Put it in your backpack before going to school. Goji berries, almonds, walnuts, raisin, hazelnuts are your 100% natural recharge of vitamins and proteins.

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