A virtuous family story

The story of this family-run business starts in the early 70s in the Italian province of Rovigo, in the middle of the fertile Po valley. Remigio Milani here laid the foundations for the manufacturing and the wholesale business of fruits and vegetables. Among our products, you could find lupins, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, hazelnuts. Then, in a few years, fresh fruits were little by little replaced by dried fruits, to which Remigio decided to wholly commit.

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The growth of Milani’s factory goes on with new products and new energies.

In the late 70s and early 80s, Remigio’s sons Marino and Paolo became parts of the business, and through the 90s their presence strengthened, and the Milani Frutta Secca becomes a coparthership.

In 2012, the family-run business welcomes Marino’s son, Mattia: three generations are now united to run the company.

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As of today, past over 40 years of business, Milani Frutta Secca is a specialized company in the manufacturing, toasting, and packaging of dried fruits, both in shell and shelled. We pick up the best raw materials, which we craft carefully to grant their freshness. Thus, working passionately and with expertise, we have become well-established small, medium and large size retailers.

The quality of our products and processes, cared for at all stages of the manufacturing process, is testified by the certificate UNI EN ISO 9001: a seal that certifies our commitment to a good-tasting quality.

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