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In shell Almonds

Toasted and Salted


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Shelled, selected and calibrated sweet almonds (drupe of Prunus dulcis). Darker shades of chinnamon-like color.
Country of Origin: Puglia, an area granting a high-quality standard to all raw materials and the best quality expericence to the final product.
Harvest season: August – September.


Historians agree on the fact that almonds were one of the first cultivated food and one fo the two seeds mentioned in the Holy Scriptures, together with pistachios. Almonds belong to the same family of cherries, plums and peaches. Ideal for cooking dry cakes or salty recipes, such as pasta with almonds and ham, and for garnishing salads.

Beneficial properties:

Almonds are oil-rich seeds, containing vitamins and mineral salts. They keep the heart’s arteiries and the bones healthy. Excelletn as a snack. Almonds especially boast a high content of vitamin E(more or less 24 mg per hectogram), vitamin A, group B (B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6), beta carotene and lutein. Almonds prevent cardiovascular diseases, they strenghten teeth and bones and they contrast anaemia.


Nutrition facts:

Nutritional values per 100g
(Values per 100g of edible product)

Valore energetico in KJ/ Energy2523
Valore energetico Kcal/ Energy603
Grassi/ Fat g.55,3
di cui acidi grassi saturi/ of which saturates g.2,5
Carboidrati/ Carbohydrates g.4,6
di cui zuccheri/ of which sugars g.3,7
Fibre/Fibers g.12,7
Proteine/ Protein g.22
Sale/ Salt g.18,05