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Yellow and thin, like a lens. Caliber 13/17 (that is diemeter between 13 and 17 mm).
Country of Origin: Puglia. Thanks to its range of temperature and humidity, this area allows the best growth of the fruit. We select high-quality products in order to grant the best final product.
Harvest season: June – July, it depends on the season.


Lupins must be eaten only once boiled, because of a natural toxin, an alkaloid and bitter substance. All lupins manufactured by Milani are treated in order to remove this substance, through a process called “debittering”, and lupins are then finally ready to use.

Beneficial properties:

A lupin can provide with an excellent supply to diet becasue it is rich in proteins (46%), poor in calories (114 kcal per 100 g) and it lacks saturated fats.


Nutrition facts:

Nutritional values per 100g
(Values per 100g of edible product)

Valore energetico in KJ/ Energy 476
Valore energetico Kcal/ Energy 114
Grassi/ Fat g. 2,4
di cui acidi grassi saturi/ of which saturates g. 0,0
Carboidrati/ Carbohydrates g. 7,1
di cui zuccheri/ of which sugars g. 0,5
Proteine/ Protein g. 16,4
Sale/ Salt g. 2,4