Toasted Corn

Salted and spicy


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Amber-like color, salty outside
Country of Origin: Spain
Harvest Season: August – September.


During an apertif, toasted corn is a good substitute for savoury snacks. The cooking process is carried out without any use of palm oil and without breaking the caryopsis, thus keeping the grain intact. The final outcome is a crunchy and salted snack, if requested even spicy, garlic-flavoured, and the like.


Nutrition facts:

Nutritional values per 100g
(Values per 100g of edible product)

Valore energetico in KJ/ Energy 1837
Valore energetico Kcal/ Energy 437
Grassi/ Fat g. 12,8
di cui acidi grassi saturi/ of which saturates g. 1,93
Carboidrati/ Carbohydrates g. 71,8
di cui zuccheri/ of which sugars g. 0,7
Fibre/Fibers g. 7,6
Proteine/ Protein g. 4,8
Sale/ Salt g. 2,3